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Do You Love Me?

This is another invitation my friends from YUPPEACE asked me to design in short notice. It is based on the passage "Do you love me?...Feed my sheep." The invitation's requirement was only to contain a heart, a sheep, a shaft and the words "do you love me."

This is an invitation to a cocktail, not exactly a party, but a presentation of the organization's plans for next year. My idea was to make the look of it young and upbeat and less formal. The event, anyway, is not formal. Yet, the spiritual touch is still there.

I simply played with upbeat colors randomly on the background. To emphasize "love", the red heart does it. I'm not a cartoon artist, so drawing a sheep would be a challenge. Somewhere, on the web, I looked for an inspiration and drew the sheep the way I wanted it.

Dare To Start With J

My friends from YUPPEACE asked me to design an invitation for the seminars that they are going to conduct. Given a short time, this is the best I could do.

Originally, their idea was to put a bottle of coke but I saw no sense why that bottle should be there. "Dare to start with zero" was one of the slogans of Coke Zero; thus the title "Dare to start with J." In my opinion, it will be too much of a copied material if I draw a bottle of coke there. That will be a murder of creativity and originality.

I believe that what I designed is more appropriate.:-)

When logos look alike | Logo Design Love

Why logo design is not easy. You have to avoid being similar to a million existing logos.
When logos look alike | Logo Design Love

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A Contemporary Web Design for a Dental Clinic

This is the web I am designing for a F.W. Guico Ortho-Dental Clinic . I made the layout a bit away from the traditional web design. You may call it modern or contemporary. Common web designs place the navigations horizontally on top or vertically in the sidebar. The main image is usually a horizontal rectangle that occupies the width of the page. The logo is usually placed in the upper left-hand corner. Most medical sites use shades of blue.
For this non-traditional design, I placed the navigation in the upper left-hand corner and the main image on the right and top third. The look is a bit upbeat but without sacrificing professional feel. For the color, I was thinking of blues but my friend, Dr. Winston preferred the oranges, which came out effective.
My inspiration on this design is the simple and minimalist designs of a German cable channel DW-TV . I enjoy watching its news because the studio looks so clean yet elegant. In contrast, other news channels are cluttered with people and …