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Fullscreen Background Slideshow: jQuery vs Shockwave Flash

A client wanted a website with a background that changes every a few seconds. My friend and I had two options: use
JQuery, or; Shockwave Flash movie (swf)  Our consideration was which solution would load more quickly. As much as possible, we did not want the site's first-time visitors to see the loading spinner for more than 5 seconds, if not at all. After multiple searches, my friend Eduard found this one.
Build Internet's Supersized! jQuery Plugin  Supersized! is a fullscreen background slideshow built using the jQuery library. The demo uses 9 images, sizes ranging from 97 kb to 236 kb. The width ranges from 800 px to 1024 px; height from 511 px to 1000 px.

If you are a first time visitor of the site, it takes about 2 seconds before you see an element (some texts); 15 seconds after, you begin to see the slideshow background. Good enough! At least, the visitor wouldn't have to wait for a long time. That depends of course on the Internet and hardware speed. (My speed durin…