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Fullscreen Background Slideshow: jQuery vs Shockwave Flash

A client wanted a website with a background that changes every a few seconds. My friend and I had two options: use
JQuery, or; Shockwave Flash movie (swf)  Our consideration was which solution would load more quickly. As much as possible, we did not want the site's first-time visitors to see the loading spinner for more than 5 seconds, if not at all. After multiple searches, my friend Eduard found this one.
Build Internet's Supersized! jQuery Plugin  Supersized! is a fullscreen background slideshow built using the jQuery library. The demo uses 9 images, sizes ranging from 97 kb to 236 kb. The width ranges from 800 px to 1024 px; height from 511 px to 1000 px.

If you are a first time visitor of the site, it takes about 2 seconds before you see an element (some texts); 15 seconds after, you begin to see the slideshow background. Good enough! At least, the visitor wouldn't have to wait for a long time. That depends of course on the Internet and hardware speed. (My speed durin…

Best Screen Size To Design Websites

My friend and I always argued about the "right" or better screen size to design websites. He would design websites as wide as 1900 pixels for the reason that his monitor is that wide. I would prefer smaller because I believe most Internet users still use 1024 x 768 monitors.

I'm about to design a web site for Legaspi Landscapes. Again, I have this question in mind. What's the size of my website? Maybe, the experts have the answer.

At, the author said that there is no best screen size. What is important is that the web site can be viewed in any device, in any screen size. The size should be flexible, i.e., it should contract and expand fluidly in any screen size.

But, there should be a based size or the size to start with. shows live global, US, and UK stats on what the majority are using. The screen resolution 1024 x 768 is the one that is widely used globally. So, might as well design websites using this size.

Now, I have the knowledge …