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Lent Inspired T-Shirt Print Design

This design is about a lenten activity called Visita Iglesia, a Catholic faith tradition wherein pilgrims visit five to seven Catholic churches during Lent, especially on Maundy Thursdays. From a distance, you can clearly decipher what the design is all about because of the prominent title "Visita Iglesia."

For the background, I used a cropped map of Bulacan, showing only its southern part wherein the seven churches are located.  To give emphasis to the names of the Churches, I lighten the colour of the map and all its other elements which are not significant to the purpose of the design. The map, together with the church icons and names, suggest a journey of the pilgrims.

For the reason that the upper portion of the map is irrelevant to the purpose of the design, I covered it with a prominent title. But the title was not enough to hide what isn't necessary. Furthermore, with the title and the map alone, the design looked flat and boring. So, I designed a logo for the a…