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Depending on your budget, this calculator helps you decide which of the services you want to avail yourself of. It also lists the services I offer and the prices of each service. You can download this calculator at Google Docs.

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Web Design Review: Razor Scooters Central

Razor Scooters Central (

This site is simple and minimalist yet effective. It is very straight-forward. What you see is what you get. You really don't have to think about anything else. Just by looking at the site, without scrolling down, you'd know that:
It's about scooters. The name says so. The images say it so.
It's an online store because it says so. Likewise, the images of the types of credit card honored tells you outright that you have to buy the scooters and that it accepts payment using those cards only.
It's complete because you'd know what you have to know. You didn't have to read much but it has enough.
It leads you to make an action. The three buttons on the right have large fonts that clearly tells you that there are three types of scooters. The image adds creativity in order not to make it look boring. These rectangular buttons make the users to click a choice.
What you see is what you get. Clicking on a type of scooter…

Principles of Effective Web Design

According to Smashing Magazine, "usability and utility, not the visual design, determine the success or failure of a web site." If the user can not find what he's looking for on a web site, in seconds, he leaves the site. If there's nothing that he can do on a page, in seconds, he leaves the page. Therefore, the user must be able to see in a short time what he is looking for on a web site. On the landing page, immediately, the user must be able to see what he needs.

Therefore further, the web site must be clear of its main purpose. A message should catch the user's interest in order to make him stay longer or read further. The landing page plays a crucial purpose. What makes a user click on a link should be the same message that he must see on the landing page.

National Geographic's tag line is "live curious." Similarly, users of the Net surf curiously. If a user knows that the web site is going to satisfy his curiosity, answer some questiions in …

web design plus more

I call my web design services Web Design Plus because  not only that I design your web site, I also do the following.

photographyFlash designweb site maintenancecopy writingtraining or tutorialinternet marketingWeb 2.0 (blogs, social media)Google Analyticsdomain name and web hostingMy services do not end at the design. I give other options to move your web site further like enrolling it with Google Analytics so that you'd have an idea how your web site is performing on the Internet. Teach you how to advertise or promote your site to increase its SEO (search engine optimization). Plus, if you want to increase your income, how to put ads on your site and join affiliate sites.