Logo Design for a Trading Business

A friend has planned to put up an online shopping business. She asked me to design a logo for her. She likes butterfly; she likes red. The business is family's, so I could not make the logo very feminine (in contrast with the first one I did). The business is trading, therefore it involves exchange of goods and money. Thus, the logo has to be professional and reliable.

Above is the all-black version with a tag-line, as requested. The one that follows is the red and black version.

I hope I made all the essential elements present:
The name which is the most important. It has to receive the focus for identification, memory retention and recall.The type of business. After some years, the business must have gained popularity and reputation. Thus, the word trading can optionally be removed.The tag line can be optional but it is used here to express a marketing message.The visual symbol, which is the pentagon shape.The butterfly is a personal expression of the owner.
Red and butterfly gi…

Designing for 500 Years of Christianity in the Philippines

Brief The year 2021 marks the Jubilee Year for Christians in the Philippines, to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the coming of Christianity to this humble land. This is 500 years of evangelising the Gospel. It involves nine years of propagation that began in 2013, with a different theme each year. The Church is called to be Saints Together, which means that everyone in the church -- the Pope, the clergy, the religious, down to the community -- together must work and evangelize the Gospel of Christ.

Every year, the Church targets specific sectors such as:
Year of the Laity (2014) Year of the Poor (2015) Year of the Eucharist and the Family (2016) Year of the Parish as a Communion of Communities (2017) Year of the Clergy and Consecrated Persons (2018) Year of the Youth (2019) Year of Ecumenism and Inter-Religious Dialogue (2020)  In 2021, the theme is Missio ad Gentes, which means mission to the nations.  This theme completes all the evangelical purposes of the previous years.
What T…

Lent Inspired T-Shirt Print Design

This design is about a lenten activity called Visita Iglesia, a Catholic faith tradition wherein pilgrims visit five to seven Catholic churches during Lent, especially on Maundy Thursdays. From a distance, you can clearly decipher what the design is all about because of the prominent title "Visita Iglesia."

For the background, I used a cropped map of Bulacan, showing only its southern part wherein the seven churches are located.  To give emphasis to the names of the Churches, I lighten the colour of the map and all its other elements which are not significant to the purpose of the design. The map, together with the church icons and names, suggest a journey of the pilgrims.

For the reason that the upper portion of the map is irrelevant to the purpose of the design, I covered it with a prominent title. But the title was not enough to hide what isn't necessary. Furthermore, with the title and the map alone, the design looked flat and boring. So, I designed a logo for the a…

If You Cannot Draw By Hand, Use Textual Images

Textual images can be direct to the point or act like a teaser. When headings can be boring, substitute it with a textual image; or use one to emphasize it even stronger. If you do not have a fine-art hand, play with text and colors. It is better to have at least one image rather than none at all.

An image is very useful in sharing your page to social media sites such as Google+, Facebook, Pinterest, and a host of other sites. A shared post with an image attracts more attention.

Fullscreen Background Slideshow: jQuery vs Shockwave Flash

A client wanted a website with a background that changes every a few seconds. My friend and I had two options: use
JQuery, or; Shockwave Flash movie (swf)  Our consideration was which solution would load more quickly. As much as possible, we did not want the site's first-time visitors to see the loading spinner for more than 5 seconds, if not at all. After multiple searches, my friend Eduard found this one.
Build Internet's Supersized! jQuery Plugin  Supersized! is a fullscreen background slideshow built using the jQuery library. The demo uses 9 images, sizes ranging from 97 kb to 236 kb. The width ranges from 800 px to 1024 px; height from 511 px to 1000 px.

If you are a first time visitor of the site, it takes about 2 seconds before you see an element (some texts); 15 seconds after, you begin to see the slideshow background. Good enough! At least, the visitor wouldn't have to wait for a long time. That depends of course on the Internet and hardware speed. (My speed durin…

Best Screen Size To Design Websites

My friend and I always argued about the "right" or better screen size to design websites. He would design websites as wide as 1900 pixels for the reason that his monitor is that wide. I would prefer smaller because I believe most Internet users still use 1024 x 768 monitors.

I'm about to design a web site for Legaspi Landscapes. Again, I have this question in mind. What's the size of my website? Maybe, the experts have the answer.

At, the author said that there is no best screen size. What is important is that the web site can be viewed in any device, in any screen size. The size should be flexible, i.e., it should contract and expand fluidly in any screen size.

But, there should be a based size or the size to start with. shows live global, US, and UK stats on what the majority are using. The screen resolution 1024 x 768 is the one that is widely used globally. So, might as well design websites using this size.

Now, I have the knowledge …

Web Design Review: Sonic Vitamins Dot Com

Here's another website I found with a good design. I don't usually like black and grey because I find them morbid and boring; but if used properly like what the designers did for, they could be very attractive and effective. This design is simple yet not boring because how the designers put life to it by applying a good combination of colors and how they are positioned to one another. The black background creates drama. The grey background is hardly noticeable.
Designing a web is not easy for me. That's why I admire good graphic designers with amazing creativity. Their ideas are boundless. They are gifted.