Logo Design for a Trading Business

A friend has planned to put up an online shopping business. She asked me to design a logo for her. She likes butterfly; she likes red. The business is family's, so I could not make the logo very feminine (in contrast with the first one I did). The business is trading, therefore it involves exchange of goods and money. Thus, the logo has to be professional and reliable.

Above is the all-black version with a tag-line, as requested. The one that follows is the red and black version.

I hope I made all the essential elements present:
  • The name which is the most important. It has to receive the focus for identification, memory retention and recall.
  • The type of business. After some years, the business must have gained popularity and reputation. Thus, the word trading can optionally be removed.
  • The tag line can be optional but it is used here to express a marketing message.
  • The visual symbol, which is the pentagon shape.
  • The butterfly is a personal expression of the owner.

Red and butterfly gives a slight feminine touch. After all, the owner is a lady.

The pentagon shape can depict an arrow-up symbol which signifies positivity and growth. It also depicts a covered structure such as a store; to signify trading.

Black and grey is already very common; and I find black too strong. I'd like to tame the black a bit, so I made a dark grey version. Now, it looks more contemporary rather than traditional; but I leave the choice to the owner.


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